“When Walking, I Keep My Eyes Straight Ahead”, Winter Tangerine, forthcoming

“Clack”, The Boiler, forthcoming

“Love Song For My Eyelids”, “After The Third Bottle of Peroxide”, Anomaly, April 2019

“Litany for the Living”,”not just because it’s almost cuffing season”Up the Staircase Quarterly, November 2018

“Prayer For Forgiveness Before Bed”, Anne Bradstreet Prize from the Academy of American Poets 2018

“Ode to the Perfect Mai Li”, shortlisted for the Cosmonauts Avenue Poetry Prize 2018

“the trouble with the dictionary”, Bone Bouquet, Issue 8.2, Winter 2018

“Motherland”, Stoneboat, Issue 7.3, Fall 2017
Also featured in Gesa Matthies’ 2017 film The Lady in the Book.

“I am not japanese”, Arc Poetry Magazine, Issue 84, Fall 2017


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