being still


pin-icon Singapore

G asked me the other day if there was anywhere I particularly wanted to photograph in Singapore. I turned to Instagram, but came to the conclusion that there was nowhere I found especially interesting in terms of architecture and narrative.


5.6 million people live in this city, but in so many ways, it still feels impossibly small. Maybe this is what home is to me now – where I grew up and have spent most of my life; where I am still rediscovering and trying to understand but no longer feel a pull towards exploring, where I am no longer trying to milk inspiration from in the hopes of making something new.

Perhaps being home is just a lesson in simply being – that in not needing Foursquare to find the best bakery on the block, maybe I also don’t need to constantly find new poetry wedged in the cobblestones around the corner.

Maybe there is beauty in just being still.

IMG_8513 edited

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